Dragon Fam is a community and art driven project, that is bringing together utilities for both adults and children! We want to be not only an established Web3 brand but also to step into the IRL space. Our mission is to bring happiness and love to children with the creation of our children’s product line: coloring books, toys, merchandise and smartphone applications are just some of the first ideas we have in mind.

For our adult investors we are looking to build our own Dragon World in the Metaverse! We will buy an NFT Worlds, where we want to have community events and a lot of fun!

Art is important to us; we want to support small artists and give them a stage on Discord, Twitch or Medium.

Our Dragon Anti Rug Squad will help to make the web3 a safer space and help rugged projects.

Our community is lovely and supportive and can’t wait to welcome you to the Dragon Fam!


Dragon Fam Community Wallet (Dragon Hoard) will be established and 5 ETH will be deposited into it!
Another 5 ETH will be deposited into the Dragon Hoard.

Voting Power will be established for the community! This will allow the community to determine the way in which the Dragon Hoard funds will be spent.
We will pay back all of the investors that believed in us and made Dragon Fam possible!
Dragon Fam will purchase an NFT World and deposit another 5 ETH into the Dragon Hoard. We will then begin development of:

-NFT World purchase and development.
-3D Collection with a 3D artist.
-Merch for kids and adults (Not just apparel).
-Donation to a Children's Charity Chosen by the Community!
-Plenty of other surprises.... 👀





Founder and Artist


Community Manager


Collab Manager


Community Manager


Social Media Manager and Moderator


Social Media Manager and Moderator




Dragon Fam will be deployed on the Ethereum Blockchain and will use an ERC-721A smart contract.

The quick answer would be our strong focus on giving back and changing lives. Dragon Fam truly is a community driven project. One of our first initiatives will be to create an IRL brand, which will have a heavy focus on children’s products. A percentage of the profits will be used for philanthropic donations to charity’s.

Dragon Fam’s top priority is the community, which is why we have provided IRL utility months before our mint has even happened. Just by being an active member of Dragon Fam, you are able to earn IRL money and prizes with our discord internal Dragon Coin.

Another unique aspect of our project is that we want to make the Web3 space safer. That’s why we created the Dragon Anti Rug Squad! DARS will help to detect potential rugs, help rugged projects to come up again and make the web3 space a better place!

Dragon Coin is an internal currency which can be used/earned strictly within the Dragon Fam ecosystem. The value will remain constant and will not be traded on any exchanges. We have setup a Dragon Coin Shop in our Discord server where you will be able to redeem IRL prizes for your Dragon Coin.

Some examples of redeemable prizes would be ETH, PS5/Xbox, NFTs, Whitelist spots, Ledgers, Merch, and many more to come! We will also be allowing the community to vote on different prizes that they would like added to the list!

Our Dragon Anti Rug Squad will dedicate itself into making the Web3 space safer by finding projects which are potential rugs. We want to protect our but also other people before they invest their money into the project. We also want to help rugged projects where the founders left, so that the community can take over, find a new floor and rise again. We want to be a part of the solution in the Web3 space and not a part of the problem.